About Kelly Chiropractic

A Swindon Based Chiropractic Clinic

The Clinic

Established in 2015, Kelly Chiropractic is a clinic dedicated to helping patients feel better, move better and live better. From the outset, our vision has always been to provide high quality, expert, bespoke, patient centred care which consistently delivers excellent results.

Meet the Team

Stephen Kelly Chiropractor Swindon Wilts

Principal Chiropractor

Stephen Kelly (BSc MSc DC) has been delivering high quality chiropractic care to the population of Swindon and surrounding area for over 18 years.
A lifelong interest in biology, anatomy and the human body, coupled with a desire to help others, led Stephen to choose chiropractic as his career. In 2004, Stephen qualified from the University of Surrey with a Master’s Degree in Chiropractic. During his career, Stephen has built up vast experience diagnosing and treating a wide variety of conditions in patients from all walks of life, such as office workers, healthcare workers and those with physical jobs; professional sportspeople, including footballers and speedway riders; children, teenagers and the older generation. In addition to his clinical role, Stephen has been a trainer for newly qualified chiropractors.
Prior to becoming a chiropractor, Stephen spent a number of years working in the Pharmaceutical Industry and as a Medical Writer. He has a first degree in Biology and Biochemistry.
Outside of chiropractic, Stephen’s interests focus around sport, fitness, travel and reading. He has spent time working and studying in Australia, the USA and Canada. Stephen lives in Swindon with his wife and two children.

Stephen Kelly Chiropractor Swindon Wilts

Associate Chiropractor

Claudia enjoys being with patients of all ages and has treated babies through to those in their 90s. She also has a keen interest in chiropractic care during pregnancy and for children. After completing her training at the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic in Bournemouth, Claudia practised in Essex before recently relocating back to Wiltshire. Claudia is passionate about high quality patient care and the importance of clear, open communication which ensures patients feel at the centre of their treatment programme. As an animal lover and keen horse rider, Claudia loves countryside life and has competed extensively in dressage as an individual and team member. Claudia’s other interests include walking her dogs, leading an active lifestyle and going to the gym.

Stephen Kelly Chiropractor Swindon Wilts

Clinic Manager

After a long and successful career in teaching, Leigh joined the clinic in 2020. Leigh is responsible for running the business side of Kelly Chiropractic.
Away from work, Leigh enjoys dancing, sport, travel, theatre, reading and dog walks with Nala the cockapoo. She is married to Stephen and a mum of two.

Conditions we treat

Low back pain

Around one third of the UK population will have low back pain every year. The National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) guidelines recommend that manual therapy is used as a first line treatment for chronic low back pain. We are experts in diagnosing and treating the causes of low back pain.

Neck pain

Your head weighs about the same as a bowling ball, so the neck is under a lot of strain trying to support it. It is therefore no surprise that stress on the muscles, joints and nerves can give you pain. We can relieve this using a combination of hands on treatment and postural exercises.

Disc injuries and sciatica

The most common cause of sciatica is a bulging disc. This will generally result in pain, or pins and needles in the buttock and leg. Chiropractic care and postural exercise can help relieve these symptoms.

Shoulder and arm pain

The shoulder is a very mobile area and the muscles, tendons and joints have a heavy workload. As a result, shoulder tension and pain is very common. Chiropractic treatment can help relieve these symptoms.

Arthritis pain

Arthritis, or joint wear and tear, is very common and often results in pain. Whilst we cannot turn back the clock, joint function can be improved and levels of pain can be considerably reduced.

Muscle pain and tendinitis

Tendons connect muscles to bones and are under a lot of tension. Tendinitis occurs when a tendon becomes irritated and inflamed. We can get to the root cause of the problem and aid a swift recovery and help prevent future reoccurrence.

Migraine and headaches

Chiropractic treatment is effective at treating both migraines and headaches which result from tension in the neck, or other root causes.

Sports injuries

We can help with general aches and pain, including joint problems, muscle spasms and cramp; shoulder complaints including rotator cuff injuries, and other soft tissue disorders of the shoulder; ankle sprains and plantar fasciitis; elbow pain and tennis elbow.

Why Choose Us?

Patients tell us that they choose Kelly Chiropractic for the following reasons:

  • The results we achieve and our ability to help them to return to pain free, active lives

  • The high-quality treatments and advice we provide

  • Our clinical knowledge and expertise

  • Our friendly, understanding and compassionate approach

  • The importance we place on listening and how we care for each individual

  • Our high standards of professionalism