Opening Hours : Open for emergency/urgent appointments only
  Contact : 01793 232 549

Patient Information

Prior to an appointment:

Please email or telephone the clinic if you feel you need an appointment.

Your condition and symptoms will be assessed by the chiropractor over the telephone and you may be given advice and exercises to follow in the first instance.

Please be aware that if you or someone you live with is feeling unwell, has a temperature or a persistent cough, or is experiencing a loss of taste or smell, we will be unable to provide a face to face consultation.

Face to face appointments:

Appointment times have been extended to allow for thorough cleaning between patients and to support social distancing.

Patients are kindly asked to wait in their car or outside the building and will be collected at their appointment time. To reduce contact with communal surfaces, please do not use the intercom.

We ask that patients wear a mask for their appointment. These can be supplied by Kelly Chiropractic if you do not have your own.

On entry to the building, please apply hand gel and you will then be taken directly to the treatment room.

Whilst in the treatment room, patient chairs are two metres away from the chiropractor to minimise close contact.

During treatment, the chiropractor will wear Personal Protective Equipment for added safety. Please don’t be alarmed by this!

For the time being, payment for treatment will be card only and contactless.

We kindly ask that you apply hand gel after treatment.

If you need to use the toilet, please only use the disabled facility.