Chiropractic is a gentle and effective treatment suitable for all ages – babies, children, teenagers and adults.

Chiropractor treating child shoulder

Chiropractic for Babies

As part of our assessment of your baby, we will ask about your pregnancy and delivery. Our physical examination involves testing reflexes, joints, and muscles to determine if there is anything we can help with. Treatment is extremely gentle: the pressure we use on a baby is no more than we would use when touching on our own eyeball. If appropriate, we may suggest a referral to other healthcare practitioners such as a paediatrician or your health visitor.

Baby sleeping
Ankle pain treated by Chiropractor

Chiropractic for children

As chiropractors, we see children with a variety of different issues. It may be a sports related injury, a problem resulting from an accident, or pain that is a result of longer-term issues. We also see children with upper back and shoulder pain, often due to poor sitting position when using tablets and phones. At Kelly Chiropractic, we understand that children may not find a session to be the most interesting experience so we make the sessions fun and interactive whilst conducting all appropriate testing and treatment. We also provide parents and guardians with advice and home exercises to try in between treatment sessions.

Chiropractic for teenagers

We often see teenagers that have pain caused by a sport or hobby that they do, and are suffering with a short-term injury. However, we also treat teenagers who may suffer with back, neck or shoulder pain caused by repetitive movements in part-time jobs or from extended periods of sitting when studying for exams. As well as treatment, we can provide advice and exercises to focus on posture, as well as correct movement and lifting techniques.

Teenage boy having chiropractic treatment
Claudia at kelly chiropractic clinic
Chiropractor treating child's knee

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