These drive everything we do.

They serve our patients, employees and professional partners.

Our values are:

Putting the patient first: Patients are at the heart of everything we do so our priority is always to provide the very best personalised care for each individual. The Kelly Chiropractic approach is tailored, flexible, responsive and reflective. No two patients are the same and so neither are our bespoke treatments plans.

Results and Outcomes: Our highly trained team is dedicated to improving function, reducing pain and increasing mobility. We use a wide range of treatment techniques, as well as providing advice on exercise, lifestyle and rehabilitation to help patients enjoy a full and active life.

Integrity and Respect: We are committed to the highest standards of conduct and professionalism to engender trust, understanding and mutual respect for all patients and staff. Our approach is rooted in care, kindness and consideration.

Excellence: Kelly Chiropractic strives for excellence through a culture of questioning, reviewing and reflecting. We are continually learning, challenging ourselves, refining and developing our practice and our thinking.

Collaboration: We are proud of our longstanding partnerships developed with other local clinical professionals and have access to their expertise and diagnostic facilities, including MRI and ultrasound.